Welcome to my website.


I am a mixed media artist working in Cambridgeshire. My main influence is the natural world around me. My latest work is combining acrylic paint and soft pastels on a textured board to create interesting textures and marks. I also enjoy painting vibrant works in acrylic ink.

Komorebi - the effect of sunlight stream
The carmine leaves shine bright

Next exhibition:

Cambridge Drawing Society Autumn Exhibition - 23rd - 30th October, 2021 held at the Pitt Building, Trumpington Street, Cambridge.

I am submitting a few paintings to this exhibition. You can find further information at the following link: Cambridge Drawing Society

V K Gallery, St Ives


I am delighted that VK Gallery currently has asked me to submit two paintings for their Shades of Autumn exhibition. This starts on 6th September and runs until 30th October.

Further information on this fabulous gallery can be found here : VK Gallery



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